Reach email contacts and deliver your message more efficiently and with greater success using static and dynamic segmentation.

A/B Split Testing

Industry-leading A/B Split Testing helps you better understand subscriber preferences, gain insight into campaign success, and effectively track campaigns over time.

Email Reporting

Track campaign success with robust reporting on deliverability, clicks, bounce rate, SPAM, social sharing, and other relevant statistics.


Automatically schedule and send emails based on specific dates, needs or subscriber actions with recurring or triggered autoresponders.

Email Workflows

Workflows make it easy to send highly targeted, timely, automated email campaigns to subscribers, based on a time, date, event, or action.

SMTP Relay

Quickly and easily track and report on transactional emails, as well integrate with promotional emails to create more effective revenue-generating campaigns.

CPAdvertise API

Drive more business from email marketing with our powerful API integration and analyze “Big Data” results to improve your campaigns.

Advanced Features

Create more effective email marketing campaigns with such advanced features as suppression lists, deliverability reporting and social sharing.

Contact Lists

Bulk import customers and prospects, upload web forms, and use custom fields to better target campaigns and increase customer lists.

Email Templates

Send email campaigns that get results using over 700 templates or customize campaigns to represent your brand.

You don't have to wait until your campaign is completed to see results. You will be able to view the progress in real-time.

Targeting your audience with relevant content is crucial when you send bulk email. Tailor your email to an already targeted list. You can also sort a general list by fields and create multiple targeted emails.

Save the planet and save some money at the same time. Advertising via mass email is paperless and extremely environmental friendly. Our planet's rainforests are being devastated at an alarming rate, they need all the help they can get. Not to mention the cost of savings in paper and printing for your business.

Email allows you to link your website, pictures and videos of your product. Customers can purchase your product/service quickly and easily. They can also use a social media website to share it with family, friends and co-workers. See for yourself what bulk email marketing can do for your business!

Increase Your Campaign Success

As a professional marketer, your focus should be on what you do best: creating effective, successful email marketing. You should be able to leave the technical details to your email-marketing solution and employ such advanced tools as:

  • Easy email automation with workflows
  • Superior list segmentation & reporting
  • Robust autoresponders & drip marketing
  • Powerful API integration into your existing data systems
  • Industry-leading A/B Split Testing